Time Is Money When You Freelance

Dec 2, 2010

For most people who first start freelancing, it is easy to slip into the idea of having the freedom to work at will. It doesn’t take long however before reality sets in and you realize that time is money when it comes to freelance work. Financial needs never let up as long as you live so you must earn money regularly to be successful at freelance work.

Having the ability to work when you want to so that you can do other things, as needed, is one of the best parts of freelancing. However, getting others to understand that just because you work at home doesn’t mean that you have to be available at all times for interruptions. Believe me, real life happens quick enough to intrude on those moments when you are knee deep into the middle of a project-trying to earn a living when someone tries to entice you to step away from your work.

The best advice I can give is to set up a regular time to work everyday. Set boundaries and let others know when you are most likely “at work”. Once family and friends get used to your new career boundaries they will respect it and you will find yourself more successful for having established a work schedule that is productive.

Flexibility is important too because there are times when other responsibilities need your time and attention;however stick to your priorities, as much as possible, and set goals that are realistic to allow you to get your work done. Once you have gotten it down to an art form…enjoy your freedom to set your own schedule and earn a profitable living on your own terms.

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